The results of Primary One discretionary places for September 2022 will be released on Monday (November 22) by all government and aided primary schools.
     A spokesman for the Education Bureau said today (November 19), “There are 48 080 children applying for discretionary places in government and aided primary schools this year, of whom 22 892 will be offered a place in these schools. Among them, a total of 13 048 children are applicants with sibling(s) studying or with parent(s) working in the schools that they have applied to, whereas the remaining 9 844 are selected according to the Points System.”
     Parents are reminded to bring the parent’s copy of the Application Form for Primary One Admission and check the results of their application between 9am and 5pm on Monday at the school to which they have applied. In light of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, if parents cannot check the results at the school to which they have applied, they may check the results on the school website or contact the school by phone.
     Parents whose children have been offered a Primary One place are advised to note carefully the registration arrangements of the schools concerned and the documents required for registration, such as the parent’s copy of the Application Form for Primary One Admission and the specified number of photographs of children, as well as observe the social distancing and anti-epidemic measures of individual schools. Registration of successful applicant children should be made on Wednesday (November 24) or Thursday (November 25) during school hours according to the arrangements of individual schools.
     “Parents who cannot register within the specified period should notify the person-in-charge of the school in advance to make alternative arrangements. Otherwise, they will be deemed to have given up their discretionary place,” the spokesman said.
     Under the Primary One Admission System, each government or aided primary school may make use of about 50 per cent of its total Primary One places as discretionary places. The remaining 50 per cent will be reserved for Central Allocation at a later stage.
     “Parents of applicant children who have failed to secure a discretionary place or who have opted for Central Allocation only will be invited by the Education Bureau via letter in mid-January 2022 to make choices of schools for Central Allocation at a designated Central Allocation Centre on January 22 or 23. Primary One places will then be allocated to these children in Central Allocation. For applications for participation in Primary One Admission 2022 made after January 23, parents need to complete the necessary procedures with the School Places Allocation Section of the Education Bureau. The Education Bureau will separately arrange a Primary One place for the applicant children in June 2022,” the spokesman said.
     “Parents should note that once their children have been allocated a Primary One place, they cannot take part in the Primary One Admission System again in future,” he said.
 Ends/Friday, November 19, 2021
Issued at HKT 16:00