Source: LAM Woon-sum, former principal

Boys and girls are very different, but we have to be careful not to stereotype them because everyone is unique. But if you ask me about the school opening for both boys and girls in the first year of elementary school alone, there are far more girls crying.

It is true that boys and girls grow up with different characters. Of course, principals and teachers in co-educational schools should be aware of this characteristic and not treat them in the same way. This is why I sometimes say that this is important when choosing a school because most schools are co-educational and rarely design a curriculum for gender differences between boys and girls, and unfortunately, the curriculum is more favorable to girls.

Their concentration is much better than that of boys, so generally speaking, teachers feel that teaching in girls’ schools is like teaching in heaven when they attend classes. I dare not say the other one is hell, but the challenge is great. Boys’ energy is unlimited; the first thing to do is to release their energy. I always advise parents, “If you have a son, please have more involvement from the father.” It’s really hard for mothers to accompany their children to play soccer and then go cycling every day.

As I always say, mother has never been a boy, so she naturally doesn’t understand why he would be like this. His butt just doesn’t stick to the chair, and his feet are like a motor. He likes challenges and upgrading, and his mother should follow his personality and nurture him. So, if you see what the boy’s temperament is like this, you may design things for him to do and encourage him from there.

Girls like talking and chirping around. They have a lot of secrets. In their own and their classmates’ groups, there are many sub-groups. In fact, a girl’s interests may be very diverse; we have to see what kind of books she likes to read, accompany her to the library and talk to her, and choose books together. Don’t force her to read a certain type of book just because she’s a girl; nurture her according to her interests.

I guess that’s why children are telling me everything openly. Sometimes, when children want to tell their mothers something, adults may not be empathetic enough to respond to them. Because when we become adults, we forget that we were once children. We forget how helpless children are when they encounter certain problems. In fact, when the child came home, he wanted to jump on his mother and tell her his grievances. But mother is more concerned if there is a dictation tomorrow.

Over time, children will feel that it is not effective to talk, so I might write a letter to someone who listens to me and does not criticize. When dealing with these especially those connected with something on a girl’s mind, don’t be so quick to criticize rationally. You should try to understand her, just as if she wanted to cry, you should give her a vessel to hold her tears or, if she needed a shoulder, you should let her lean on you. This is a common occurrence for females. If you could do this part, she would be willing to tell you what’s on her mind.

Parents should let their children feel that their home is very safe, respectful, and loving. Second, parents should pay more attention to their children and follow their interests. Girls are easier to deal with because they have better attention spans, so if you provide those things, they will be self-motivated, while boys need more pushing.

When your son grows up to be as tall as you are and your daughter grows up to be as tall as you are, do you want him or her to still hold your hand? To date you? And then say to you, “Mommy, I have something on my mind to tell you.” Do you want that? If you want this, however, it will not happen naturally, you should put a lot of effort into it during your children’s growth, just like putting money in a piggy bank.