Source: Psychotherapist, Lee Wai Tong

Have two babies in three years. It is a joy to welcome a new life. However, it can often make an older brother or sister feel jealous. However, it can often make an older brother or sister feel jealous. This challenge is not only for the parents but also for the child, who has mixed feelings about being an older brother or sister. 

In the past, his parents were only looking out for him, giving him all their care and love, but now they are giving it to his brother or sister. At the same time, he does not completely despise his brother or sister and may even like him or her on occasion. Therefore, parents need him or her to understand that being the eldest son or daughter has a very complicated feel to it. What should we do as parents?

Help your elder brother or sister enter a new role. How could we help them? And the way he gets cared for is no longer the same as when he was a child, but if he can become an older brother or sister, he gets cared for by his parents, so the parents need to change their thinking that the child is their little helper to take care of the newborn together.

When the older brother or sister is able to take care of the newborn, the more care he or she will get. This is the new way for the eldest child to be cared for by the parents, so as a parent, when the newborn is still in the mother’s womb, you have to start teaching the older brother or sister, “When the newborn is born, you have to help mom and dad take care of him.”

When changing the diapers after the birth of a newborn, the older siblings could help pick up the diapers, and every time the older siblings helped, the parents would praise them, “Good job!” You really love us! You can help mom and dad! The older siblings are naturally happier to receive their parents’ praise, so they will help more and more, and naturally, they will be able to fulfill their older siblings’ responsibilities, and their parents will be a little more relaxed.